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Group Booking

Win great discount through our group booking service.

The most changing scenario in the real estate industry has brought challenges for both buyers and sellers. At the same time they are desperately looking for quick and convenient solutions. It’s hard for developers also to offer discounts to every individual, but if you buy in a group then they do offer substantial discounts.

Not very good at negotiations? Leave them for us. We will use our contacts and skills to pull down the cost to a reasonable level, as per your convenience.

Home Loan Assistance

Finding the right solution for you

Property Pointer is working with all leading national and multi-national banks providing good home loans.We have a team of experienced Mortgage Servicing Professionals who understands your budget & gives best option.We also help you to pull together all necessary documents required for home loans.

Investment Deals

Invest today for a better tomorrow

Our long term presence in the real estate industry automatically groomed us as experts.   With extensive study of our vast portfolio, we have some impressive investment plans ready for you. Tailoring them as per your requirement is again our job. The only job left for you is, choose one that you feel is the best.

Property Booking

All the legalities made easy for you.

In today’s fast moving lifestyle, everybody is running short of time. Searching a best suit property is your major interest, not all those legal complications, which are going to follow the booking process. At the same time you might be aware of the danger, if you ignore these legal matters.

At Property Pointer we do provide you a legal advisor, who will take you through the important points that you must consider before booking the property.

Property Visit

Let’s make it look simple for you

Property Pointer encompasses a team of property inspectors, who can visit the property along with you, and resolve all your doubts.   Expect the most honest, thorough and client centered opinions from our experts. For inspecting any property for its quality, you must have knowledge and vision. Any property that perfectly suits your vision must be approved by our expert knowledge, before spending any amount.

Let us help you to find the right property

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