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Chaitanya Prathamesh Chaitanya Infra - Satara

Rs.18.37 Lacs-30.57 Lacs
  • Location : Mirje Shirwal, Satara
  • Type:Plots
  • Total Project Area:3.5 Acres
  • Builder:Chaitanya Infra
  • Project Status :New Launch
  • Size:2583 Sq ft. to 4300 Sq ft.
  • Total Plots:

Chaitanya Prathamesh, Mirje Shirwal, Satara - Project By Chaitanya Infra

Chaitanya Infra Developers is involved in Real Estate sector since 2012. We were in the business of transferable development rights till 2010. Since India adopted a market economy model in 1991, there has been a rising trend in the number of upper middle class in India. Majority of these people stay in apartments and seldom one can afford to have a bungalow of own. But then, humans have always been emotionally related to land. This bond is too strong to forget. With more money in their hands, the upper middle class always wishes to hold an open land of his own, either for residential use or as an attractive investment opportunity. This has always maintained a steady demand for invest able plots which are within the economical reach of a common man.

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Chaitanya Prathamesh Pricing

Type Sizes (Sq ft.) Price / Sq ft. Basic Amount(Rs.)
Plots 2880 711 Rs 20.48 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3158 711 Rs 22.45 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3729 711 Rs 26.51 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 2583 711 Rs 18.37 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3190 711 Rs 22.68 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3313 711 Rs 23.56 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 4300 711 Rs 30.57 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3358 711 Rs 23.88 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3063 711 Rs 21.78 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3653 711 Rs 25.97 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3962 711 Rs 28.17 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3056 711 Rs 21.73 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3814 711 Rs 27.12 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 2614 711 Rs 18.59 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3062 711 Rs 21.77 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 2601 711 Rs 18.49 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3258 711 Rs 23.16 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 2589 711 Rs 18.41 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 2986 711 Rs 21.23 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3101 711 Rs 22.05 Lacs * Onwards
Plots 3491 711 Rs 24.82 Lacs * Onwards

Chaitanya Prathamesh Location Advantage

Build the home of your dreams at Chaitanya Prathamesh - the specially collector approved residential NA bungalow plots offered by Chaitanya Infra. Now, you can build spacious home according to your tastes and desires conforming to your preferred architectural styles in the sprawling 2583 Sq. ft. to 4300 Sq ft. plots at Satara near Pune.

With town planning sanctioned layout and 15 years of maintenance free internal concrete road, you can enjoy problem free dwelling at Chaitanya Prathamesh. Each plot is distinct with individual separate 7/12 extract and has footpath on both sides of the road.

Chaitanya Prathamesh is one of the few projects coming up in the region which confirm to Vastushastra, thus ensuring that your dream home is exposed to positive vibes. The residential is bounded by designer wall and has a grand entrance gate. The entire compound is dotted with trees planted alongside the roads with drip irrigation.

Water stored by rain water harvesting with storm water drainage will be stored in separate underground and overhead water tank to ensure disruption free water supply at all times of the year. Each plot is also bounded by a separate wall and metalled roads crisscrossing the residential are well lit up with designer lamps.

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