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Feel the Heavenly Joy of Living in Amidst the Man Made and Natural Beauty at Verde Kalyani Nagar in Pune

Posted on: 14 January, 2016 Author Name: Aniket Kothari

Experience a combination of man-made beauty and natural beauty at Verde by ABIL Group. The most desired combination of home owners and equally rare! Aesthetic architectural structure standing amidst a natural green surrounding is the identity of Verde Kalyani Nagar. Again the most preferred location of the home buyers buying properties in Pune.

Many people consider it as an easy step to the ladder of property buying process, but believe me choice of area is the hardest one when it comes to buying flats in Pune. Core of Pune City already saturated and full of buildings with no space left for new constructions, developers slowly moved in the surrounding suburbs. This is also a past now and almost all prime suburbs are also on the verge of saturation. Kalyani Nagar is one of them. The location in close proximity of the most happening area of Pune Camp! You are planning to buy a home. That’s why you are here, reading my blog. There are two possibilities….either you are a FIRST TIME BUYER or YOU ARE INVESTING!

FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS – Looking at the speed of development of real estate in the area it’s no more considered as an outskirt of Pune. Well connected to Kharadi IT Hub through Nagar Road and the fast infrastructural development in the area has improved the accessibility of the area making it a perfect place to live. Verde Kalyani Nagar Pune is a new scheme being launched by ABIL group is one of the most attractive projects in the area. The residences that lets you enjoy the rhythm of the vicinity at your own pace! Apart from the state-of-the-art development qualities of ABIL group at Verde Pune you can enjoy ample amount of fresh oxygenated air and plenty of sun light.

FOR INVESTORS – As an investor according to me your first concern while buying a property is the appreciation rate of the area. As long as Kalyani Nagar is concerned you can go for a blind fold stack here. Though there is no thumb rule that can assure you about your stake, one can expect good annual appreciation rate in Kalyani Nagar because of the current market trends. Experts suggest that property rates in Kalyani Nagar will reach to 15000 INR per Sq. Ft. by 2020.

As you take your big decision and plan accordingly, follow some basic steps. Location is of prime importance. Research about the neighbourhood! Even if you are not planning to sell it in near future, but study the sale-ability, you never know the possibilities!
Take a right path towards your property buying goal, keep good research and progress, and reach your goal property! All the best!

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