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Ten most important tips before buying a new home

Posted on: 12 September, 2014 Author Name: Arif Sayyed

Buying your own house can be the most awaited but the chaotic task of your life. It’s a lifetime investment. Your most cherished dream of life! Are you armed with the most necessary knowledge about buying home? In India it can prove to be a tough search. Believe me, Real estate India is the most challenging place to deal.  Here we are, presenting you the house buying battle-plan.
Ten most important facts to be considered while dealing with real estate India:
1.    List your lifestyle needs: When it comes to lifestyle, it’s all about what you prefer. Long drives or short commutes, like to be close to the city, or you like to stay in the outskirts of the city? What according to you is the acceptable distance for your child’s school? These are the aspects that are going to play a huge role in your house buying decision.
2.    Aim for one that you really can afford: Calculations are going to hold your desk for longer period once you decide to buy a house. Think about each figure carefully, the down payment that you have to pay and the monthly figure for the bank. Apart from that the registration fees, lawyer’s fees, stamp duty all these overheads are going to catch you. Plan carefully and choose one that best suits your budget.
3.    Research about the real estate company: This is of prime importance. Being a responsible family head, in order to avoid later problems, go through the real estate company’s record. Both online and off-line research is a must.   
4.    Research about neighbourhood information online: Checking for the neighbourhood, before buying is a smart step I would say. Like, do you have cultural centres or temples for the elderly people in your family? Is there any play area nearby, for kids in the family? Etc.
5.    See the proximity of the area: In order to lessen the travel time and stress that comes along long driving hours, check the proximity of that area from office, marketplace and schools.
6.    See for the Schools: Is the place approachable from the school that you will prefer for your kid. Try and calculate the actual travel distance for the same.
7.    Do your homework about rates in that area: Before making any deal with the seller, check the current rate card of that city, and particularly in that area. You can even find rate, on the website of the real estate company.
8.    Take advice of a real estate lawyer: Once you have finalized the property, before signing agreement for purchase and sell, hire a real estate lawyer. He can guide you through the buying process.
9.    Visit the property at different times of the day: Visiting the area at different times will give you an idea about how active or quite is the area at different days and times.
10.    Study the resale potential: Last but not the least, don’t forget to ask your real estate agent about the resale value that you may get, if in case you want to sell it back.
So think whether you are ready for the efforts and expense before you start your hunt. Cheerio…….Happy buying!!!!!!

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